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The things you won't see in the law are:

  • Suggestions on addressing the local zoning regulations. “We can’t fix local zoning, so that has to be negotiated at the local level,” ... Read More
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Overall, traffic fatalities in Colorado decreased 14.8 percent, from 2007 to 2012. During the same five years in Colorado, traffic fatalities involving operators testing positive for marijuana increased 100 percent.

In 2007, Colorado traffic fatalities involving operators testing positive for marijuana represented 7.04 percent of the total traffic fatalities.  By 2012, that number more than doubled to 16.53 percent.

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We have to pay overtime, pay the prosecutor, pay to incarcerate them, pay for their defense if they’re indigent. Colorado’s taxing it, but everybody else is paying the price.”

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Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in America: approximately one in 10 adult Americans report having used marijuana in the past year. In recent years, laws addressing the use and possession of marijuana have been changing, and many states—including Colorado, California, Massachusetts and others—have passed regulations either legalizing marijuana for... Read More

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 Stuart Gitlow, MD, president of ASAM and a board-certified addiction medicine specialist, called the paper’s stance “irresponsible” and “ignorant of the facts” that clearly place marijuana on the continuum of psychoactive drugs that trigger addiction and lifelong chronic brain disease.

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The impact of employee marijuana use is seen in the workplace in lower productivity, increased workplace accidents and injuries, increased absenteeism, and lower morale. This can and does seriously impact the bottom line.

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Other information:

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The coexistence of both a mental health and a substance use disorder is referred to as co-occurring disorders.

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The emerging marijuana industry in Colorado is trying... Read More

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One such statistic is a spike in calls to poison control centers. According to the National Poison Data System, calls about accidental ingestion of marijuana in children 9 and younger more than tripled in states that decriminalized marijuana before 2005. In states that enacted legalization from 2005 to 2011, calls increased nearly 11.5 percent per year. Over the same period in states without decriminalization laws, the call rate stayed the same.

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“I can share my personal weed with somebody, no problem,” said Taijeron. “But we can’t sell it or exchange money for marijuana.”

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In reality, less than one out of every 200 inmates in a state prison system is incarcerated due to first-time marijuana use or possession. And many of those who are incarcerated have pled down from more serious charges. The fact is most inmates are incarcerated for multiple, non-marijuana drug offenses, often involving trafficking or violence.

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Francis told members of a drug-enforcement conference meeting in Rome on Friday that even limited attempts to legalize recreational drugs “are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects.”     Unless of course the desired effect is to get High.

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The scientists focus on marijuana’s harmful effects on teens, an age group in which the brain rapidly develops, which is one factor that could help explain increased risks from marijuana use in this population. Research suggests that marijuana impairs critical thinking and memory functions during use and that these deficits persist for days after using. 

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The reviewers consider... Read More

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“Liquid THC production - - and incidence of butane hash oil lab explosions -- is expected to rise as the market expands for marijuana edibles and demand increases for product that has a strong psychoactive effect,” the report notes.

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Oregonians legalized medical marijuana in 1998. The program was sold to voters as a modest one with plans to add about 500 patients per year. But today's Oregon Medical Marijuana Program has more than 60,000 patients who carry permission to own double the number of plants and more than five times the amount of smokeable product than was originally envisioned.

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Last month, a state judge directed an employer and insurer to reimburse an injured worker for medical marijuana prescribed to relieve pain resulting from a lower back injury.   

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Finally someone is more concerned about the health & safety of our communities than being politically correct.   THIS TAKES COURAGE. 

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States that legalized medical marijuana had higher rates of marijuana use. Future research needs to examine whether the association is causal, or is due to an underlying common cause, such as community norms supportive of the legalization of medical marijuana and of marijuana use.

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The paper points out that the potency of marijuana has increased fourfold since the 1980s and can hardly be compared to the less harmful drug millions of pot smokers used decades ago.
And opponents point to Colorado and Washington, where the passage of medical marijuana in 2000 and 1998, respectively, were followed by the passage of recreational marijuana laws in 2012.


Kramer said he receives anecdotal stories from people who claim to have treated their pets with medical marijuana.

“There is nothing that says it’s illegal and there’s no statute saying it’s legalized,” Kramer said.

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"I have concerns that it is written too broadly and stops short of ensuring strong regulatory oversight from state officials," she said. "Other states have shown that lax oversight and ease of access to prescriptions can lead to abuse, fraud and accidents. Also, given Florida's recent history in combating the epidemic of 'pill mills' and dubious distinction as having among the highest incidents of fraud, I do not believe we should make it easier for those seeking to abuse the drug to have... Read More

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The damaging effects remain even if the person stops smoking the drug
·         Teenagers are at particular risk because their brains are still developing
·         Smoking cannabis affects critical thinking and memory
·         Researchers warn that stronger varieties today are causing more damage 

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"One of the [arguments] for legalizing marijuana [in Colorado and Washington state] ... was to reduce the black market," said Tom Gorman, who heads a multi-state task force called the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. "In fact, the legalized marijuana has become the black market for other states."

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“This is just another example of marijuana abuse linked to child abuse,” says Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

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The authors review literature showing that marijuana impairs driving, increasing the risk of being involved in a car accident and that these risks are further enhanced when combining marijuana with alcohol.

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No telling the potency of the "candy" this unsuspecting person consumed.  How many children are innocently eating this dangerous drug?

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In spite of the widespread effort to normalize marijuana, Montana knows firsthand the societal problems it can cause.
By 2011, Montana had the sixth-highest rate of youth marijuana use in the country and the fourth-highest rate of youth addiction.
I heard of growers destroying neighborhoods, reducing the values of homes through the foul language, harassment and stench of crowds at the dispensaries. Parents complained that kids could not play in their own yards. Multiple... Read More

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Wildlife biologists noticed streams running dry more often over the 18 years since the state passed Proposition 215... “We knew people were diverting water for marijuana operations, but we wanted to know exactly how much,” said Scott Bauer, the department biologist who studied the pot farms’ effects on four watersheds. “We didn’t know they could consume all the water in a stream.”

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In this review, we will provide a detailed overview of studies outlining the effects of regular (at least weekly) cannabis use on neurocognition, including studies outlining cognitive, structural and functional findings. We will also explore the public health impact of this research.

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Evidence does suggest fairly strongly that the people who use medical marijuana for cancer or AIDS is a small percentage of all users.

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John Morgan and other attorneys will be ready to represent patients that may be denied adequate access to medical pot. Drug Free Workplaces- Beware!

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Claims that "marijuana" is this miracle drug may be next!

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Down in Colorado's Front Range, the cluster of towns and cities that cling to the eastern edge of the Rockies, the scent of what has been dubbed a commercial “green rush” is hanging in the air – literally. On the road in from Denver airport, several of the state's estimated 800-900 legal growers have taken advantage of cheap warehouse space to open sophisticated indoor facilities, whose odour is clearly discernible by passing motorists.

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Kurese Bell, 17, who is being charged as an adult, faces life in prison if convicted.

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Because regulatory standards of the production process vary by state, the composition, purity, and concentration of the active constituents of marijuana are also likely to vary. This is especially problematic because unlike most other prescription medications that are single active compounds, marijuana contains more than 100 cannabinoids, ... Read More


The Brevard County Medical Society (BCMS) opposes Amendment 2, the constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for medical conditions; and further, the BCMS supports and adopts the following policy statements from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM):  Read Article for details.

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A blood sample was taken from Asker after a police investigator detected marijuana impairment.

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They reported that Colorado underwent a significant increase in the proportion of drivers in a fatal motor vehicle crash who were marijuana-positive after the commercialization of medical marijuana in the middle of 2009. The increase in Colorado was significantly greater compared to the 34 non-medical marijuana states from mid-2009 to 2011.

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At least two deaths have already been attributed to legal marijuana cookies in Colorado, and poison control centers continue to report increasing calls related to the drug.

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"It's absolutely getting worse," said Tom Gorman, head of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area -- the agency that helps to halt drug transactions.

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An aerial view of a medical marijuana grow. Researchers used both satellite and field studies to determine how many grows and plants were in four local watersheds. (Submitted by California Department of Fish and Wildlife Scientist Scott bauer)


Legalization for treatment to include adults with cancers, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and MLS.
Florida no longer needs Amendment 2. 

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Coats was angry because Dish Network fired him in 2010 after his random drug test came back positive for traces of pot.

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The opening months of Colorado's first-in-the-nation recreational marijuana industry have seen a rise in fiery explosions and injuries as pot users try to make the drug's intoxicating oil in crude home-based laboratories. Since Jan. 1, when sales began, the state's only certified adult burn center has treated 10 people with serious injuries they suffered while making hash oil, compared with 11 in 2013 and one in 2012.


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