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As thanks for medical marijuana bill, John Morgan to hold fundraiser for Richard Corcoran

“John is an old friend who shares the same values [of] trying to hold government accountable and make it more efficient,” Corcoran said. “We share that mission.”
Morgan had been the driving force behind the referendum approved by voters last year, and a bill outlining how medical marijuana regulations would work was passed Friday during the Legislature’s special session. 

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08/19/2016 John Morgan at The West End Trading Co. John Morgan At The West End Talking About Free Chicken John Morgan At The West End 2 John Morgan - Serial Killer Profile: John Morgan Unplugged

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John Morgan now admits he hoped pot initiative would help elect Charlie Crist

Morgan, a major Democratic fundraiser who told the audience that former President Bill Clinton visited him at his home last week, quickly backpedaled from his apparent truth telling, however.
“I didn't really lie. What I did was, I said this could be two-for-one, because I started my marijuana deal before Charlie got in the race. … That's the truth. I got real fired up about it because I thought, hey, we could get marijuana and Charlie. So that really motivated me,” Morgan said.

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Morgan Rant
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Morgan preaches to choir on medical marijuana

Morgan peppered his 50-minute speech with f-bombs, attacks on the Florida Legislature and a declaration that the future of medical marijuana has reached a “tipping point” in Florida and the nation.

Morgan concedes 2014 link between Crist, medical-pot initiative
Morgan's Rant- Money or Medicine??

Does this sound like someone concerned about sick people?  What is he really compassionate about?  

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Putting lipstick on the medical pot pig

Don’t bother putting lipstick on this pig. There’s a saying that no matter how often one stirs a bucket of crap, it’s still a bucket of crap.

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Chastened Morgan to Try Again

Medicine or $$$ either way the people lose.

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Attorney John B. Morgan, Esq., Mayor of Orlando's Shadow Gov't
Attorney John B. Morgan, Esq., Mayor of Orlando's Shadow Gov't

Does this sound like someone who is concerned about your family member or sick people?  Sounds more like someone who wants legalize marijuana at all costs to our families, youth, highways, and communities.

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Morgan Touts Medical Marijuana
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WFTV: We Were Wrong
John Morgan- Two Faces
John Morgan Unplugged
'Yes on 2' Campaign Chairman, John Morgan, Unplugged and Uncensored with subtitles

John Morgan "Unplugged" after a debate in Polk County.

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The Marijuana Lobby’s Deep Pockets
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A belated correction- Radley Balko

I’d still argue that the police action here was excessive and unnecessary. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as I characterized it. And the timing was, by all appearances, a coincidence.  My apologies for the errors. 

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Pivotal Point Is Seen as More States Consider Legalizing Marijuana
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Flashpoint discusses 'medical' marijuana
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Group says it has enough signatures to put medical marijuana on Florida ballot

Costs for the first two weeks in January could easily push Morgan's contribution close to $3 million, covering about three-quarters of United for Care's budget.    By February Morgan admitted to spending $4 on the ballot initiative. 

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John Morgan: the bombastic, omnipresent lawyer fueling Florida's 2014 election

At any given time, the firm has $30 million to $40 million invested in cases awaiting a verdict or settlement. It spends about $45 million annually on advertising, not just television and radio but a sophisticated social media operation led by a team in New Jersey. The firm has zero debt.

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House Speaker Greg Stumbo Pitching personal injury law firm commercials

House Speaker Greg Stumbo has accepted a position as partner at Morgan & Morgan, a Florida-based personal-injury law firm whose founder, John Morgan, is a major financial backer of the movement to legalize medical marijuana.

Read more here:

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House Speaker Greg Stumbo pitching personal-injury law firm in TV commercials

"Greg and I have never talked about it, but I'm spending a boatload of money to get it on the ballot in Florida this fall," Morgan said. "Now that I know he feels this way, maybe we can do something in Kentucky, too."

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PolitiFact- John Morgan says 'nobody's addicted' to marijuana

Orlando attorney John Morgan said that "nobody’s addicted to" marijuana. Morgan quickly admitted that he was wrong, and experts agreed.

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