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What Scientific & Medical Journals & Experts Say About Marijuana

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Arizona court to rule on medical marijuana immunity issue

PHOENIX - The Arizona Supreme Court says immunity provided doctors under the state's medical marijuana law for certifying patients to use pot only applies to the medical certifications, not other conduct such as making false statements in documents.
The ruling Friday overturns a lower court's decision that upheld dismissal of forgery and fraud charges against a physician on grounds that he was protected under the medical marijuana's law immunity provision.
Dr. Robert Gear was charged in Navajo County after signing a medical marijuana certification for a police informant based on his examination but before receiving a year's worth of the patient's records.

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Report: Arizona families abuse marijuana more than any other substance

Arizona Families F.I.R.S.T., a statewide recovery program, found that 84 percent of program participants in 2014 struggled with substance abuse, 54 percent of which said they used marijuana

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Arizona should improve education rather than making it worse by legalizing marijuana

With considerable discussion about Arizona’s education funding, along with high school and college graduation rates, shouldn’t we do all we can to improve our state of education instead of making it much worse by legalizing marijuana?
The Journal Clinical Pediatrics has also found an over 600 percent increase in the amount of marijuana exposure to children six and under in states with marijuana-friendly legislation.

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Poison control: Watch for altered treats, edible marijuana
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Arizonans For Responsible Drug Policy
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Facts for Parents
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Ryan Messano: Don’t be naïve on marijuana

There are a lot of greedy selfish people who are willing to do and say anything to get money. What good is it if your pain is gone and so is your ability to think straight? We exist as humans because we think, not we exist because we don’t have pain.

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Prosecutors urge others to oppose marijuana
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