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What Educators Should Know About Marijuana Infographics, educators, Brain, youth, charts

KNOW YOUR A,B,C,D’s   …  Absent, Behavior, Course Grade = Drugs

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Inforgraphics for Educators Infographics, high school, School, academics 3
Addiction- Infographics addiction, Infographics 4
#AAADriveSober AAA, Infographics 5
Marijuana and teen brain Infographics, NIDA 6
Marijuana and Driving driving, Infographics 7
24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America Infographics, Environment

California seized

Marijuana use doubles usage, perception, Infographics 9
Marijuana- Newborns and Pregnancy Infographics, Pregnancy 10
Which is worse? Alcohol or Pot alcohol, Infographics 11
Alcohol and Marijuana- Infographic alcohol, Infographics 12
Infogragraphics- Marijuana Report Infographics 13
ATTC- Marijuana and the Body ATTC, Infographics 14
ATTC Marijuana Infographic Overall Statistics ATTC, Infographics


Money influences election outcomes legalization, follow the money, Infographics, elections

How Marijuana Affects the Brain Infographics, Brain, youth

“It’s a natural plant! What’s the big deal?” —A common declaration among youth who believe that the effects of marijuana are harmless and that the substance shouldn’t be regulated.  Regardless of public opinion, the science is clear:  Regular recreational use of marijuana during adolescence is harmful to the brain, which isn’t fully developed until the age of 25.

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