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Marijuana Use: Detrimental to Youth youth, pedestrians, legalization, ACP, Resource Paper

In summary, marijuana use is harmful to children and adolescents.  For this reason, the American College of Pediatricians opposes its legalization for recreational use and urges extreme caution in legalizing it for medicinal use.  Likewise, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) recently offered their own policy statement opposing efforts to legalize marijuana. They similarly pointed out that “marijuana’s deleterious effects on adolescent brain development, cognition, and social functioning may have immediate and long-term implications, including increased risk of motor vehicle accidents, sexual victimization, academic failure, lasting decline in intelligence measures, psychopathology, addiction, and psychosocial and occupational impairment.” 

Driver strikes six pedestrians, killing one in Vallejo car crashes, pedestrians, car crashes 2

Lt. Kevin Bartlett of the Vallejo Police Department said that marijuana was found in the car and that the driver was at a medical marijuana dispensary in town prior to the crash. While Bartlett said that it’s not certain whether that played a role in the collision, it is being looked at, among other things.

The Impact of Marijuana Policies on Youth: Clinical, Research, and Legal Update youth, clinical, Research, legalization, pedestrians 3
Palm Bay man charged in pedestrian death Impairment, Death, DUI, pedestrians, Fatalities, car crashes

A blood sample was taken from Asker after a police investigator detected marijuana impairment.

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