In the United States, he is best known for almost single-handedly creating a narco-nation through legalization of marijuana, causing human suffering and environmental devastation on a scale most people do not yet comprehend.
1. George Soros- American's Drug Lord
"Makes you wonder what is happening? And we have seen the teen suicide rate going up across the country," Genen said. In the past three years, teen suicide in Colorado rose from 12.9 to 20.4 deaths per 100,000 adolescents...
The Rate Of Teen Suicide In Colorado Increased By 58%
Patients in this investigation have reported symptoms such as: cough, shortness of breath, or chest pain nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea fatigue, fever, or abdominal pain Some patients have reported that their symptoms developed over a few days, while other
Vaping Articles- Warnings and Paraphernalia
Better Understanding the signs of abuse, disease of addiction and complexity of recovery
Do you know the signs of drug abuse?
When was the last time your pharmacist offered BOGO discounts? This sounds more like a legal drug dealer than a pharmacists.
Don't be deceived or have false hope in this drug.
Not a prescription, not supported by medical research nor medical associations, no medical guidelines ....
Medical Marijuana- Does this sound safe and healthy?
Due to the lack of medical validation and proof of efficacy the regulatory guidelines for marijuana legalized by popular vote must be strict to prohibit the abuse and to circumvent the detrimental problems to individuals and communities.
What does research say about marijuana as a medicine?


Trying to reduce opioid overdoses while legalizing marijuana is similar to putting kerosine on a fire and expecting the fire to go out!. 


Marijuana legalization and Opioid Overdoses:  What is the link?


2019 Consequences and Impact of Legalizing Marijuana



Three basic types of marijuana:
  1. Indica depressant- 'in du couch'
  2. Sativa- stimulant- more hallucigenic, more energy (often people think they are more focus.. for example when driving.. however marijuana causes tunnel vision, slower reflexes and delayed thought processes...not exactly good for driving
  3. Hybrid- mix of the two type
  • Other terms - often based on effects, geographic locations, packaging, appearance, word, deception... for example:  Walter White (Sativa- meth like effects); Green Crack, Dab Out, Dabbing out, ...
  • JTR- Jack the Ripper  70% THC
  • Kush- a brand of marijuana  (Kr8zy Kush- 96% THC  Most of the testing was done with THC levels of 3-6%; Today's THC is 20-30% for flowers, 25-90% for Dabs.
  • Concentrates - refers to weed dabs


Legalizing medicine via popular vote does not magical make it a standardized, tested, disease specific drug with guidelines for usage. Throughout the years there have been multiple studies in a controlled environment using marijuana as a medicine.  However the fact remains that in most cases marijuana does not meet the benchmarks to produce a standardized medication with disease specific application.  As a medicine or recreational use it is unpredictable  and far too variable even within the same crop.In 1985 a Rx drug Marinol was approved and several other canibasis-based valid medications followed.  

There is no arguing that regulating alcohol and prescription drugs is more than challenging.  Abuse often leads to addiction complications, family problems, illegal activities, police records, fatal car crashes ...  and now society has decided to legalize a drug that can be grown in backyards and expects to establish regulatory guidelines.  Does this seem possible? Hardly!

Legalization or marijuana whether under the guise of a medicine or for straight out recreation always produces  an increase in youth and overall usage (which is what the marijuana industry (produces and dealers desire), highway crashes, addiction, unemployment, homeless, crime, other drug use, insurance costs, pot shops lining streets  .... and a decreases the perception of harm... NOT SAFE FOR OUR CHILDREN & NOT SAFE FOR OUR COMMUNITY.

  1. Risks and consequences outweigh any potential or perceived benefits

  2. Smoking is not healthy... also consider second hand smoke

  3. Medical Associations- No medical association supports legalization via popular vote or legislative bills.  This is circumventing the guidelines for safety, testing, standard of care for use.

  4. Prescription cannabis-based medicines have existed since 1985 and are not typically the first line of treatment because other medications have proven to be better.  If marijuana were a 'miracle' drug wouldn't the pharmaceutical companies be researching it and putting millions of dollars into the production?

  5. Alcohol and Prescription Medications- REGULATED DRUGS- take the lives of victims of addiction and many innocent people plus affect family & friends who often never recover.  Do you think legalizing a drug that can be grown in someone's backyard can be regulated?

  6. Driving ImpairedDifficulty staying in traffic lane, slower reaction times, difficult judging distances, slower decision making, reduced peripheral vision (tunnel vision) reduced coordination.  You don't have to use marijuana to be a victim on our roadways.

  7. Marijuana is an hallucinant when mixed with other drugs the effects are expediential.

  8. Determining level of impairment for marijuana users is complex.

Do we really need another mind-altering drug legalized given our country's problem with alcohol the second leading cause of preventable deaths. What do you think our society would be like if 52% of the population smoked pot?  (The same percentage of people who drink alcohol.)

Who is the driving force behind this legalization?  NOT DOCTORS, NOT MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONS, NOT RESEARCH, NOT THE FDA, NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT.... Organizations that want to legalize all drugs, drug dealers, some personal injury attorneys, scam artists posing as entrepreneurs, and misinformed people being persuaded by  preying on emotions and false hope.




Overview… What can you and your community can expect if marijuana is legalized for medical use:



Increase in Traffic Accidents (Will people be legally able to drive IMPAIRED? Will the cost of my car insurance increase?)

Decrease in Motivation (How will this affect the quality of school, job & sports … performances?   Will people be less inclined to set goals & strive to improve themselves ?)

Increase in Industrial Accidents (Will our workforce be less productive? How will this impact insurance costs & product prices?

Decrease in Economic Productivity ( Won’t this be the result of increase absenteeism, increase physical & mental health, decrease in workforce…?)

Increase in Crime (Will I feel less safe in my home?  Will my home insurance policy rates increase? Will my children be safe in parks near the pot shops?)

Decrease in Workforce (Will there be fewer people in the workforce due to on-the-job impairments, addictions and lack of motivation?)

Increase in Taxes  (Will taxes increase to cover the cost of additional police force necessary for the increase in accidents, crimes, oversight of pot shops?  Will more people be on gov’t. assistance due to lack of motivation?)

Decrease in academic scores, IQ & high school & college graduation rates.  (How will this affect our business’s employment options?  What will happen to the creditability of our colleges if standards are lowered? How will this impact the workforce?)

Increase in Respiratory Illnesses (Will my health insurance rates increase? Will more people need time off of work?)

Decrease in Property Values (What will happen when pot shops are throughout our neighborhoods?)

Increase in Mental Health Impairments (How will this impact recovery facilities?  Will more people have mental health issues?  What are the unknown side-effects that complicate mental health issues?)

Decrease in organic crops?  (How will the use of pesticides on marijuana crops effect other non-marijuana crops & water resources in same vicinity?)

Increase in teen usage leads to increase in drug abuse leads to increase in addiction.

Decrease in wildlife (How does the runoff of pesticides affect animals & plants in the surrounding areas and in our food chain?)

Is legalizing smoked pot for medical purpose really about the health & safety of our community or about legalizing recreational pot?

Will you be able to avoid the negative consequences if marijuana is legalized?  
NO, it will be impossible. Legalizing marijuana will impact everyone even if you don’t  smoke it. Most of us don’t have $4 million or greater to invest in prevention but we do have family, friends, business peers, … everyone you can think of. Knowledge is the best form of prevention…forward website link, print brochure & distribute.



Legalization of marijuana, no matter how it begins, will come at the expense of our children and public safety. It will create dependency and treatment issues, and open the door to use of other drugs, impaired health, delinquent behavior, and drugged drivers.

 Marijuana Potency- This plant has increase potency such that it is a different drug than in the 60's & 70's. 

Prescription Cannabis-based medications can be prescribed by doctors and are have been in pharmacies for years some since 1985. 

NO MAJOR MEDICAL ASSOCIATION SUPPORTS LEGALIZING Marijuana via amendment votes or legislative bills for "medical" purposes.   

The raw cannabis plant has no medicinal value. For the same reasons people no longer chew bark to cure headaches but instead buy aspirin, there is no medical reason to smoke pot. The pharmaceutical profession exists to isolate active medical ingredients from herbs and plants (or synthesize them) and to provide safe, standardized doses with minimal side effects. This is how every other drug works. There is no scientific or medical reason to make marijuana an exception.

Do you really believe one drug can cure all the diseases proponents claim?

These organizations DO NOT SUPPORT smoked pot or edibles as a legitimate form of medication

American Medical Association,   
American Cancer Society, 
National Multiple Sclerosis Society,  
American Glaucoma Society, 
American Academy of Pediatrics,  
National Institute of Drug Abuse(NIDA), 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Association(SAMHSA), 
Food and Drug Association (FDA),  
American Academy of Ophthalmology, 
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA),  
American Society of Addiction Medicine 


Epilepsy Society


Youth Usage significantly increases. 

How will legalizing marijuana affect our youth schools and academics?

 Percentages, Annual Averages Based on 2011 and 2012 NSDUHs


How does legalization of pot affect our youth's perception of harm?


 Driving Fatalities INCREASE

How will legalizing marijuana affect our highways?

 Marijuana, Crime, Arrests, Prisons

Who is really in prison?


How will legalizing marijuana affect addiction treatment?


Pot Negatively Impacts Every Organ

The Human Body:  Brain & Lungs & Heart



How will legalizing marijuana affect our a person's mental health issues?



Is this is best medicine we can offer in the 21st century?  

What Chemical Compounds are acutally in this "organic" plant  Marijuana ?


Alcohol vs. Pot   
Which is more harmful?

Current Users in States where “medical” marijuana is legal:

Typical medical marijuana user in CA & CO.
Is this the sickly patient you expected to see?


How will legalizing marijuana affect our neighborhoods?

How will legalizing marijuana affect our environment?  


What Countries have legalized marijuana?

Marijuana Use in the Past Month by State



How will legalizing marijuana affect our Economy & Businesses?


Marijuana @Work.... what employers need to know:

Former Heads of the DEA  Battle Against Legalization of Marijuana

How to get a medical marijuana card... however it is NOT A PRESCRIPTION!!!


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