How will legalizing marijuana affect our Economy & Businesses?

Articles:  Impact on Businesses 

Businesses are concerned about safety, absenteeism, turnover rates, tardiness, productivity, work quality and liability lawsuits.



  1. Workplace drug testing deters worker drug use.
  2. Will drug testing employees be a valid means for helping to maintain a safe and productive work environment?  THERE IS NOT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SMOKED POT AND "MEDICAL" MARIJUANA
  3. A study found employees who tested positive for marijuana have 55% more industrial accidents & 85% more injuries & 75 times higher absentee rates than non-users. 
  4. Heavy marijuana users generally report lower life satisfaction, poorer mental and physical health, relationship problems, and less academic and career success compared to their peers who came from similar backgrounds.
  5. What will liability insurance cost?  What if an employee gets injured while high on "medical" marijuana?  Who is responsible for the health care coverage?  Will my health insurance increase too?  What if a customer is high on "medical" marijuana and gets injured on your property?  LAWYER FEES, LAWYER FEES, LAWYER FEES
What will legalization costs businesses?  
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