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Can we please stop pretending marijuana is harmless?

Levy says. “We are simply not prepared for the fallout of marijuana legalization.”
Each hit of THC rewires the function of this critical cognitive system: Early evidence in mice has shown that repeated exposure to THC causes these receptors to disappear altogether, blunting the natural response to positive behaviors and requiring higher doses to achieve the same effect. Marijuana exploits essential pathways we’ve evolved to retrieve a memory, to delicately regulate our metabolism, and to derive happiness from everyday life.

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A Bust for Medical Marijauna

A separate analysis of edible marijuana found that many products laced with pot, such as drinks, baked goods and candy, misrepresent the potency of THC, the active ingredient on the labels. Only 13 of 75 products tested were accurately labeled, making reads of their potency and its effects little more than a guessing game.
Celebrating the medical benefits, if any, of marijuana has been an effective ruse to win social acceptance for getting high. This was thoroughly predictable, and now it’s clear that the organized pot heads have been blowing smoke at us.

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Fox News doctor: ‘Crack babies’ come from women ‘smoking this whole marijuana business’
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Thousands in marijuana seized following chase, crash


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Police: Crash leads to discovery of hash oil and marijuana


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Driver in deadly crash faces manslaughter, marijuana DUI charges
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40 pounds of marijuana seized after 2-vehicle crash near Wheatland
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