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5 Myths About Cannabis and Coffeeshops in the Netherlands Netherlands, Myth
  •  If you grow no more than five plants, you will not be prosecuted — but if police discover your plants, they can (and usually will) take all of them.
  • The most recent coffeeshop count in the Netherlands was 582, with about a third of them, 187, located in Amsterdam. Tourists who only visit Amsterdam can easily get the impression that Dutch cities have a coffeeshop on every corner, but this is far from the truth.
  • The proportion of Dutch national residents, ages 15 to 64, who have consumed cannabis at least once in their life is 24.1 percent, the European average for the same group is 24.8 percent. In France, a country with a very repressive cannabis policy, the number is no less than 40.9 percent. And a recent poll found that 43 percent of American adults have tried cannabis at some point. 
  • Consuming in public: This might have been true 20 or 30 years ago, but times have changed. If you smoke a joint on a terrace of a bar or restaurant, the staff will most likely ask you to put it out. Many cities, including Amsterdam, have introduced zones where you can be fined if you consume cannabis in public.
PolitiFact Florida Clears The Haze On Competing Medical Marijuana Claims politifact, Myth, medical-grade

"What is also important to know is that although some debilitated patients may require higher levels of THC than others based on their specific medical condition, medical-grade marijuana alone, will not get that patient ‘high,’ no matter what level of THC, CBD or any other compound is found in the plant," McCray wrote.


1) No such thing as "medical" grade marijuana

2) THC high potency will get a person high every time!


Beer vs. Weed- Myth Myth, beer
Can we please stop pretending marijuana is harmless? Myth, news article, THC, youth, Harmless

Levy says. “We are simply not prepared for the fallout of marijuana legalization.”
Each hit of THC rewires the function of this critical cognitive system: Early evidence in mice has shown that repeated exposure to THC causes these receptors to disappear altogether, blunting the natural response to positive behaviors and requiring higher doses to achieve the same effect. Marijuana exploits essential pathways we’ve evolved to retrieve a memory, to delicately regulate our metabolism, and to derive happiness from everyday life.

Myth: Legalization of Marijuana in Other Countries Has Been a Success Myth, legalization, youth, harm
Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us Myth
Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us youth, legalization, Myth
Down the Rabbit Hole harm, Myth
Five Errors the Washington Post Should Have Caught About Marijuana Myth, legalization
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