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Marijuana use in early adolescence may affect verbal IQ

"The study suggests that the effects of cannabis use on verbal intelligence are explained not by neurotoxic effects on the brain, but rather by a possible social mechanism," said lead author Natalie Castellanos-Ryan, Assistant Professor at Universite de Montreal in Canada

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Dumb and dumber? Teen marijuana use linked to lower IQ in later life
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Don't Go to Pot

Marijuana does possess certain medicinal properties. So does opium. But we don’t allow unscrupulous quacks to write raw opium prescriptions for anyone willing to pay $65. And if we did, would anybody be surprised that the vast majority of opium buyers were not recovering from surgery—and that many of them shared or resold some of their opium to underage users?

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Early-Onset, Regular Cannabis Use Is Linked to IQ Decline
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