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The Overlooked Mental and Physical Health Risks of Marijuana

Cannabis legalization efforts are a boon to big business, but many Americans are paying with their health.


The hazy narrative of harmless recreation masks darker truths now coming to light. Evidence is mounting that the push for recreational drug use has led to increases in cannabis-related hospitalizations and links to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, cannabis use disorder, and more.

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State agencies issue advisory

The advisory mentions the following risks:
1. Marijuana is addictive. Approximately one in eleven individuals who use marijuana will become addicted. The risk is greater in youth. One in six teenagers who use marijuana will become addicted, and the risk for developing a marijuana substance use disorder further increases for those who use marijuana frequently.....

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Evidence that medical marijuana outlets sell to other users

“Pharmacies attract people who live in the neighborhood or maybe work nearby. If you need a prescription, you’re not going to go across town to fill it – you’re going to go to the pharmacy closest to where you live. That’s what we should be seeing with medical marijuana dispensaries.”
Instead, these dispensaries are acting more like bars, which develop niche markets like sports bars or biker bars, she said.
“From a public health standpoint, it is concerning. While there has been speculation that medical dispensaries target recreational users, now we are starting to collect evidence that suggests this is true,” she said.

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Carol Falkowski: Marijuana and adolescents: Caution

Everyone should be concerned:  Voters, not medical practitioners or scientists, have been able to determine medical practice.
Beneath it all, however, we must pause to seriously consider the known, detrimental effects of repeated marijuana use on the developing adolescent brain.  We must act accordingly and responsibly in ways that promote the public health and safety, help delay initiation of use, and reduce, not increase, the accessibility of marijuana to this particularly vulnerable population.

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E-Cigarette Regulations
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Public Health Policy- Hookah

2013 University of Maryland summary of Hookah legislation by state.

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