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Bernie Sanders says people are getting prison sentences for smoking marijuana political, prisons

The Justice Department estimated that 3.6 percent of state inmates in 2013 had drug possession as their most serious offense. That includes possession charges for all drugs, not just marijuana. To gauge the marijuana-only percentage, we have to go back to data that’s about a decade old.


Ryan Messano: Don’t be naïve on marijuana political, Arizona, OpEd

There are a lot of greedy selfish people who are willing to do and say anything to get money. What good is it if your pain is gone and so is your ability to think straight? We exist as humans because we think, not we exist because we don’t have pain.

Will Weatherford on Amendment 2: 'De Facto Legalization of Marijuana' Amendment 2, political
Republicans jump into Florida campaign against medical marijuana legalization, safety, health, political

Finally someone is more concerned about the health & safety of our communities than being politically correct.   THIS TAKES COURAGE. 

How A Medical Marijuana Measure Could Boost Florida Democrats voters, political

I thought 'medical' marijuana was a health issue.  If you don't think its about recreational  legalization and getting vote... think again.
"We want to be able to have our stereotypical, lazy pothead voters to be able to vote from their couch," said Ben Pollara, a Democratic fundraiser and campaign manager for the United for Care group, which also plans to get voters to the polls on Election Day.
Organizers of the medical marijuana effort plan to raise and spend $10 million on their campaign, with much of the money devoted to a turnout operation aimed at registering voters to cast absentee ballots.

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