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What Do I Need to Know about Marijuana? Podcasts, Brain, driving, Effects

What Do I Need to Know about Marijuana?   Podcasts   Answers all the myths with science and facts.  Is it safe to drive using marijuana?  If it is a medicine, how can it hurt me?  What does marijuana use do to my brain? ....

Effects on Marijuana Use on Developing Adolescents adolescent, Brain, Effects, ATTC, video
It's not your mother's marijuana: effects on maternal-fetal health and the developing child. Effects, Pregnancy, PubMed


NIDA review summarizes research on marijuana’s negative health effects addiction, youth, Effects
Israeli pharmacists: Cannabis can cause side-effects, even death Death, Isreal, Pharmacists, Effects, Side-Effects

The effects of cannabis, the report continues, can be euphoria or dysphoria, calm, anxiety or even psychosis. Additional phenomena include heightened wakefulness followed by drowsiness, a sharpening of the senses followed by slower comprehension, and increased motor activity followed by problems of coordination. “Many of these side effects of cannabis stems from a high dosage or chronic use,” writes the pharmacists' association.

What you should know about medical marijuana Medical, THC, Effects
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