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Nikki Fried’s Connections to New Cannabis Company Raise Questions Nikki Fried, Business

While Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried was taking steps to influence Florida cannabis policy and implement rules that regulate the cultivation of hemp, her fiancee’, Jake Bergmann, created a web of companies with people and organizations that have a professional interest in the cannabis and the hemp industry.

Home delivery a big sales driver for Florida medical marijuana companies Business, FakeMedicine

Does this sound like medicine?
Still, the Florida trend is an indication that home delivery options are likely to prove a lucrative field in the future for cannabis retailers – as long as their local jurisdictions allow for it.

Clearing the Smoke: Workplace Safety Issues Clouded by Medical Marijuana drug free workplace, construction, workplace, Business, Employees, OSHA

Marijuana’s Negative Effects
Construction workers must have full use of their skills and faculties while performing their jobs. Medical marijuana may have positive medical benefits, but there are also well-documented negative effects. Some negative effects to the central nervous system include changes in sensory perception, altered thought formation and expression, short-term memory problems, and impaired thinking and learning. Negative physical effects include impaired motor performance, loss of balance and coordination, decreased attentiveness and alertness, prolonged response time to stimuli and danger, decreased ability to judge distance and space, and impaired ability to perform complex tasks.

SAM-What Employers and Businesses Should Know about Marijuana SAM, Employer, Business

Marijuana legalization also involves significant downsides to existing businesses.  As marijuana use has increased in states that have legalized its use, so has use by employees, both on and off the job.  Large businesses in Colorado now state that after legalization they have had to hire out-of-state residents in order to find employees that can pass a pre-employment drug screen.

Work Wanted: Employers planning to ban marijuana users from being hired at all despite legalization push Employer, drug free workplace, Business

According to the Institute for a Drug Free Workplace, the U.S. Department of Justice reports that 50 percent of all on-the-job accidents and up to 40 percent of employee theft is due to drug abuse. The Institute says that drug-abusing employees are absent from work ten times more frequently than their non-using peers, and the turnover rate is 30 percent higher than for those employees who do not engage in abuse of illicit drugs.
Between safety concerns and cost savings, companies are very invested in keeping pot users out of the workplace. Something to think about if Florida ever legalizes marijuana: getting fired is a real buzz kill.

Legalization of Marijuana- Impact Report Colorado, Potency, youth usage, vehicle, social costs, Business

See report for details, graphs, data.

Colorado Supreme Court Provides a Moment of Sanity on Marijuana Colorado, Employer, Business, supreme court

In a unanimous (6-0) decision on June 15, 2015 in Coats v. Dish Network, the Colorado Supreme Court, ruled that an employer could fire an employee for testing positive for marijuana in that state despite the legality of both medical and recreational marijuana, even if the marijuana use were based on a physician’s recommendation and even if the marijuana use were limited to nonworking hours away from the workplace. The Colorado state marijuana laws are in conflict with the federal law, under which marijuana is an illicit substance and in this Supreme Court ruling, marijuana use was therefore considered “illegal.”

Saying "No" to Legal Marijuana? video, madras, youth, Business, evidence

Bertha Madras speak on the evidence that pot is not a medicine.  

Colo. company says pot pushed them out of state Business, Employees, Colorado-0, Colorado
What will Legal Marijuana Cost Employers? drug free workplace, Business, Employer
Appeals court: Medical pot users can get unemployment unemployment, Business, lawyer
Harris Rosen and Amendment 2 - Central Florida Spotlight Rosen, Amendment 2, Business, news video clip, Haridopolos
Adam Putnam and Florida Chamber Take Aim at Amendment 2 amendment, putman, agriculture, Business, tourism
Medical marijuana: 3 things employers need to know workplace, Business
Workforce Drug Test Positivity Rate Increases for the First Time in 10 Years, Driven by Marijuana and Amphetamines, Finds Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index™ Analysis of Employment Drug Tests Colorado and Washington experience surges in marijuana test workplace, Business, drug testing
Stoners on the job: Nearly 10% of Americans went to work high video, workplace, Business
Marijuana Use For Alleged Depression and Anxiety Can Still Get You Fired In Florida Business, depression, anxiety
Employers grapple with possibility of legal medical marijuana Business, Employer, drug free workplace
Workers' Comp Must Cover Medical Marijuana Business, workman's comp, insurance, Medical
Workers' Comp Must Cover Medical Marijuana Business, workplace, drug testing, insurance

Is this what Floridians want?

Marijuana and the Workplace workplace, Business, Employer

The Marijuana Report

2nd lawsuit claims unfair San Diego pot laws will cause undue pollution Business, Environment, zoning
Medical Marijuana User Sues Company That Fired Her Business, Employer
At Colorado’s borders, a dividing line over marijuana Colorado-0, Business

We have to pay overtime, pay the prosecutor, pay to incarcerate them, pay for their defense if they’re indigent. Colorado’s taxing it, but everybody else is paying the price.”

Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace drug free workplace, workplace, Employees, Business

The impact of employee marijuana use is seen in the workplace in lower productivity, increased workplace accidents and injuries, increased absenteeism, and lower morale. This can and does seriously impact the bottom line.

This July 4th party has “lots of free bud” and a marijuana-filled piñata Business, addiction

“I can share my personal weed with somebody, no problem,” said Taijeron. “But we can’t sell it or exchange money for marijuana.”

Marijuana Is Now Big Business Business, workplace, Colorado-0
John Morgan on Charlotte’s Web: ‘It’s the beginning of the beginning’ follow the money, insurance, Business, drug free workplace

John Morgan and other attorneys will be ready to represent patients that may be denied adequate access to medical pot. Drug Free Workplaces- Beware!

Legalized pot use vs. employer drug testing Business, attorney, legalization

Coats was angry because Dish Network fired him in 2010 after his random drug test came back positive for traces of pot.

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