Epidiolex, A Marijuna-Based Drug, Aces First Phase 3 Clinical Trial: Shown To Help Children With Rare Seizure Disorder

Thursday, March 24, 2016

By study’s end, the Epidiolex group had a median 39 percent reduction in the number of convulsive seizures in a month, while the placebo group had a 13 percent reduction. It was a difference the researchers called highly statistically significant.
Epidiolex, however, would be the first proposed drug made solely from cannabidiol, the plant’s second major chemical component, though one that’s steadily being bred out of existence in commercial stocks.
Ten patients, or 16 percent, experienced more severe side effects, and 8 patients decided to stop using the treatment altogether, compared to one in the placebo group. Overall, though, 84 percent of patients who experienced adverse events rated them mild or moderate.