Don't Legalize Marijuana

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pot advocates have long claimed that legalization would reduce crime by suppressing illicit trade and increase government revenue all in one fell swoop.
Neither claim has proven true. Revenues from marijuana taxes in Colorado from the first full fiscal year since legalization are projected to be only 58 percent of what was expected. And there has not been a drop off in violent crime either; the state's homicide rate rose 21 percent the year after voters agreed to legalize pot, and in Denver, gang-related murders are up this year, too. 

  • Do you think increased marijuana use among teenagers and adults is good for the future of our country?
  • Would you want your son or daughter to become involved in using marijuana?
  • Do you want more impaired drivers on our interstates and roadways?
  • If you were an employer, would you want to hire an employee who uses marijuana? As an employee, do you want to work with drug users who put you at risk and run up healthcare costs?
  • Do you think this higher intoxicant level in marijuana is a positive factor for the health and safety of Americans?