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Why I'm Voting no on Amendment 2

As T. Willard Fair, president of the Urban League of Greater Miami and former chairman of the Florida Board of Education, said in 2014: “I will not vote to legalize the street drug marijuana…label it medicine and make it available to anyone… for any condition…” Fair’s statement is just as applicable today as it was then.

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Florida Baptist Convention

The State Board of Missions has individual and corporate empathy for those Floridians suffering from debilitating diseases, but the Board does not believe legalizing an addictive drug without strong regulatory oversight is an appropriate solution; and the effort to legalize marijuana is contrary to the interests of the public health, safety and welfare, and will adversely affect the rights of citizens to live and work in a community where drug abuse is not accepted and citizens are not subjected to the adverse effects of the drug abuse.

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Florida Conference Catholic Bishops

Compassion compels efforts to care for the sick and to alleviate suffering. However, in this pursuit, society must ensure that those in need are not further endangered by exposing them to even greater harm. While there could be beneficial applications to the proposed use of marijuana, voters must carefully assess the risks and anticipated problems involved in amending the Florida Constitution to garner them. 

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Arizona Catholic Conference Bishops’ statement opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana

Legalizing the recreational use of marijuana sends a message to children and young people that drug use is socially and morally acceptable. As people of faith, we must speak out against this effort and the damaging effects its passage would have on the children and families of Arizona.
Studies have shown that adolescents who use marijuana have significant differences in brain structure and cognitive functioning compared to those who do not use marijuana and experience up to an eight-point drop in IQ. Furthermore, based on what happened in just two years after Colorado legalized marijuana, it is estimated that if Arizona passes this measure, tens of thousands of additional 8th graders here will smoke marijuana for the first time.

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Tampa Florida Pastor Compels Florida Citizens to Vote 'NO' on Amendment 2

Pastor Aubrey Shines encourages Florida voters to vote against the legalization of Medical Marijuana in the upcoming election.  #no2pot


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Religious Leader Statements
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Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops-AMENDMENT 2 Concerns Require a Closer Look October 1, 2014
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Pastor's Blog: About Medical Marijuana

Let’s call a spade a spade.  Don’t be fooled to think you are helping the sick by voting for this when, in fact, you would just be making marijuana accessible to virtually everyone.  

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On Pot Vote, Think of Kids, Teens
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Bishop Robert Lynch- Going to Pot ! Really?
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Pope Francis Condemns Legalization of Marijuana

Francis told members of a drug-enforcement conference meeting in Rome on Friday that even limited attempts to legalize recreational drugs “are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects.”     Unless of course the desired effect is to get High.

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