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Marijuana deals turn deadly for many Minnesotans, even as legal, social attitudes relax Minnesota, homocides, crime

“The violence is there with other drugs, but we don’t see the homicides associated with other narcotics as we do with marijuana,” said Anoka County Sheriff’s Lt. Wayne Heath, commander of the Anoka-Hennepin Narcotics and Violent Crimes Task Force. “No one knows why in marijuana it leads to that extra step.”

Minnesota’s medical marijuana providers have lost a combined $11 million Minnesota, regulations

“It’s not the job of the state government to create conditions in which private companies can be profitable for selling marijuana.”  Therefore regulate marijuana like it was a medicine with strict guidelines similar to the FDA process!

Marijuana wax: A clear and present danger hash oil, Minnesota, fire, Death, overdose

Smoking or ingesting the wax can be deadly. Two teens overdosed in Duluth after using the drug.

St. Paul pizza, ice cream parlor was front for marijuana operation run by local man, his mother and grandmother crime, Minnesota
After woman's death, overdoses, Minn. officials raise alarm over marijuana wax Minnesota, crime
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