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Are marijuana growers sucking California dry? california, Growers, PBS
Second Nursery Challenges Marijuana Rule Growers, Charlotte's Web, Dept. of Health

But some growers object to a Department of Health plan that offers details about how the law would be carried out. In its challenge,...

24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America Environment, Growers, Electricity, grow sites, Water, traffic

"The only thing green about that bud is its chlorophyll."

tudy: Pot Growers Inhale 1% of U.S. Electricity, Exhale GHGs of 3M Cars Water, Electricity, Growers

The resulting price tag is about $5 billion in annual electricity costs, said Mills, who conducted and published the research independently from the Berkeley lab. The resulting contribution to greenhouse gas emissions equals about 3 million cars on the road, he said.

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