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Harmless Pot. Sure.
pot will kill you

I have never represented a heroin junkie or a meth head who didn’t start with marijuana.  Legalization of it is now all the rage in Democrat controlled states like Illinois, and it is a stupid mistake.  From Rod Dreher:
Berenson’s book is a game-changer. In his New Yorker piece, Malcolm Gladwell writes straightforwardly about the overwhelming scientific evidence that marijuana is a hell of a lot more problematic than many of us think. Excerpt:

Berenson begins his book with an account of a conversation he had with his wife, a psychiatrist who specializes in treating mentally ill criminals. They were discussing one of the many grim cases that cross her desk—“the usual horror story, somebody who’d cut up his grandmother or set fire to his apartment.” Then his wife said something like “Of course, he was high, been smoking pot his whole life.”
Of course? I said.
Yeah, they all smoke.
Well . . . other things too, right?
Sometimes. But they all smoke.

View the Dragnet video... same story for 50 years.  More research isn't going to change the outcome actually the outcomes with the stronger pot are getting worse and worse.  Did you know if research projects aren't going the way the funder desires they don't have to be published... How many studies have been scrapped because the results are negative, harmful, longlasting.... ?

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