Ideas to help educate your community: Customize for your community's talking points.  Please use any and all resources to help defeat the Marijuana Scam in your community & state.

Video - Marketing 911- How to Educate & Motivate your Community on a Shoestring Budget

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Recognizing Propaganda


SKIT- Choose an audience member who seems outgoing and hand them the sheet.  You are the doctor and based on the "patient's" questions and comments it will prompt you with your lines which should be pretty easy to memorize.  See video "2016 Amendment" on the right or visit the YouTube Channel "No2Pot"

This card has a little too much information for a campaign... I am using it as an educational tool instead of a flyer until our state gears back up. 

 Business Cards:  Distribution (Easy, Effective & Inexpensive)  Hand out to everyone you meet  "I have an educational resource about the dangers of legalizing marijuana... please review and pass to friends."

Leave at restaurant tables, mall, hair salons, pharmacies, grocery stores, church office, schools....

Contact Information on card   (optional) When leaving at meetings contact information is useful  

For campaigns have your talking points clearly spelled out on one side and a few other points on the back (i.e. increased potency, prescription medication already exists, increased youth usage and fatal accident statistics are good information.  


Presentation Flyer.pdf


Organic Plants

Candy or Pot


History of "medical" marijuana 

Alcohol vs. Pot

Write Letters to the editor & Opinion articles:  Florida Newspapers Addresses & E-mails
  • Magnets with logo- the No2Pot logo stands out and is easy to see on the back of cars- gets lots of attention

  • Yard Signs with logo                    New Designer Purse


see Marketing Video for more ideas.....

Feel Free to use this logo... Car magnets: You can see it across a parking lot (park near an entrance or exit for greater exposure), Lawn signs can't be missed ask others interested in helping if they are willing to place a sign or magnet.  They are worth the small investment.   Question or assistance use the contact link.

THE SECOND PAGE IS FROM 2014.... so is the map but few numbers have changed.  The locations of the pot shops are projected.

Polk   Citrus   Manatee   Miami-Dade   Brevard   Broward    Lee 
Escambia  Okaloosa  Orange  Leon  Pinellas  Sarasota    Hillsborough  Hillsborough Spanish