Not a prescription, not supported by medical research nor medical associations, ....#FakeMedicine
Medical Marijuana- Does this sound safe and healthy?
Due to the lack of medical validation and proof of efficacy the regulatory guidelines for marijuana legalized by popular vote must be strict to prohibit the abuse and to circumvent the detrimental problems to individuals and communities.
What does research say about marijuana as a medicine?
Does this sound like a rally for medicine?
John Morgan "Unplugged"


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Attorney John B. Morgan, Esq., Mayor of Orlando's Shadow Gov't Morgan, video, youtube

Does this sound like someone who is concerned about your family member or sick people?  Sounds more like someone who wants legalize marijuana at all costs to our families, youth, highways, and communities.

2016 Amendment 2: "Does this sound like medicine?" video, Amendment 2, medicine

What is the reality of legalizing marijuana under the guise of a medicine?

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Medical marijuana vacation destination?  Is this what we want in Florida?  Will it be safe at our amusement parks?

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Also,   #no2pot

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Nothing has changed in over 5 years except pot has become more potent, more used, more harmful, more accepted AND still not medically approved. 

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Bertha Madras speak on the evidence that pot is not a medicine.  

Morgan, news video clip, video
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Does this sound like someone concerned about sick people?  What is he really compassionate about?  

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If you drive on drugs you are out of your mind.

Morgan, video, youtube John Morgan at The West End Trading Co. John Morgan At The West End Talking About Free Chicken John Morgan At The West End 2 John Morgan - Serial Killer Profile: John Morgan Unplugged

Morgan, video
'Yes on 2' Campaign Chairman, John Morgan, Unplugged and Uncensored with subtitles Morgan, video

John Morgan "Unplugged" after a debate in Polk County.

Edibles edibles, Amendment 2, video
Colorado, video, governor

Governor Owens –
Four years ago, Colorado voted to legalize marijuana.
Colorado now leads the nation in the teen use of marijuana.
Marijuana edibles are marketed to children and marijuana-related traffic deaths have increased 62 percent.
Mayor Webb –
We were promised new money for education. Instead, that money has gone to marijuana regulation and the pot industry. Denver schools got nothing.
In one Colorado hospital, 50 percent of newborns tested had marijuana in their system.
Don’t repeat our terrible mistake.

Amendment 2, Senate, video

Is it possible to regulate a plant that people can grow in their backyards? Questions to consider and recommendations for implementing Amendment 2 (legalizing 'medical' marijuana in Florida).
Written document

The Marijuana-Opioid Connection Colorado, Pregnancy, opioid, video

Connection between legalization of marijuana and increase opioid addiction.
The effects of marijuana on the brain of an unborn child. Predisposing children for addiction. Here are the studies cited.